When You Create, You Share a Selfless Selfie @lannpalma

While reading the new issue of Artful Blogging this week, I came across a great article by Susan Licht titled, “Selfless Selfies,” which is a term she uses to describe how her photos are like sharing images of herself, thought she’s not actually in any of them. As an artist who is more comfortable behind the camera, Licht uses her nature and daily life photography as a means to share who she is and what’s going on in her world.

What I really loved about this article is that it made me think about my own work in an entirely different way. When we create, we communicate themes that reflect what we care about, such as positivity, social justice, freedom, etc. Every word, photo, or drawing we put into the world is a message, but what I didn’t realize is that it also reflects the creator—everything we make and share is really a selfie.

While our work may not show our physical features, our creative characteristics are on display, which can be more revealing, more honest, than any photo of our face.

When thinking about creativity in this way, it really amps up the importance of sharing the things we make. As someone who doesn’t love posing for photographs (I can count the number of selfie’s I’ve taken on one hand), it’s comforting to feel I can still connect with others in a way that feels valuable, and also provides a glimpse into who I am. I don’t think I’m alone in this either—we all crave to be seen, but not everyone wants to put their own image out there.

As you create, know that your work is important. What you express comes from within, and sharing that part of yourself, your selfless selfie, is a way to connect with others. We want to see you shine.