The Analog Resurgence Why Now is the Time to Express Your Creativity @lannpalma

The “Analog” Resurgence: Why Now is the Time to Express Your Creativity @lannpalmaA few months ago, I read an interesting book by David Sax, titled The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter. I hadn’t heard the term “analog” in a long time—so long that I actually had to think about where I’d even seen it before. Like me, your experience might’ve been when you were fiddling with the television functions and had the option to go analog, which is an outdated transmitting signal that’s been predominantly replaced by digital. In our modern world, however, analog has become a buzzword, representing our resurging interest in handmade goods that were once considered outdated.

To put it simply, despite our obsession with apps and technology—analog is getting its revenge on digital. As evidence, you only need to look at the growing sales of vinyl records, stationery, print books, film photography, and paper notebooks. We’re falling in love with these handmade, cordless items again, and it makes my creative heart swell!

David Sax says:

“Analog gives us the joy of creating and possessing real, tangible things in realms where physical objects and experiences are fading. These pleasures range from the serendipity of getting a roll of film back from the developer, to the fun in playing a new board game with old friends, to the luxurious sound of unfolding the Sunday newspaper, and to the instant reward that comes from seeing your thoughts scratched onto a sheet of paper with the push of a pen. These are priceless experiences for those who enjoy them.”

The takeaway here is that analog is the antidote to our overly digitized lives, which is a powerful reminder for us creative people. We shouldn’t put off making the things we want to make any longer. People are craving the joy that comes from analog, they want simple things that are meant to be imperfect and beautiful. They want your creativity.

If you feel that creative spark, don’t let it go out. Now is the time to create. Now is the time to go analog.