Start Creating Now You Can Do This

How many things do you think we can accomplish, but never do because we don’t start? There’s always a reason, or a whole bucket of reasons. Most likely, the biggest, yet most hidden one is fear. It’s easy to blame a lack of starting on work or school or chores that need finishing. You can bet though, lurking underneath, is fear…sneering an evil grin and showing its black teeth.

Fear hates it when you do something fun, like write or sketch or buy new stickers for your journal. It doesn’t like when you arrange flowers and doodle a little alien waving from its spaceship.

Fear wants you to avoid all these things because it knows that one small act of creativity leads to bigger ideas and more chunks of time devoted to creating—which means less time for fear.

Without attention, it begins to shrivel. It loses strength and it no longer has any fun, because you’re the one having all of it.

So, when you’re thinking that you can’t do something because you don’t have time, I urge you to make time. There is no “finding” it. You have to take it—not just for yourself, but away from fear.

Don’t put your creativity off. Start now. You can do this!