Renewing Your Creative Focus and Letting Go

September is a time of renewed focus on creative work after the laziness of summer. This time of year, more so than January, is when I take stock of what I’ve accomplished and see where I want to go next. Not only where to go, but of what I should let go.

In the past month, I’ve decided to give up a few of my responsibilities in order to create time for new projects. Life is about rearranging what’s important to find balance. Except, making any change—big or small—can feel like diving into the unknown. I’m a person who likes the excitement of beginnings and the satisfying completeness of endings. The messy middle—not so much. I typically speed through middles as fast as I can, getting to the comfortable place of knowing, finishing, and accomplishing. However, hurtling through the middle doesn’t allow me to revel in the joy of creating. I end up missing out on the whole point of the experience!

As we all settle into the changing season and refocus on our creativity, try to slow down and pay attention. It’s hard to be uncomfortable, but creativity is one long middle, which means it’s okay to not know what comes next. It’s supposed to be a little chaotic and confusing.