How to Live a Creative Lifestyle…Even If You Don’t Create

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to live a creative lifestyle. Looking for guidance, I typed those words into a search engine and received a list of how-to articles and blog links. After an hour of losing myself in glittery sugar scrubs and five different ways to braid my hair, I suddenly remembered my original intention–understanding how to live creatively.

While these sites are super inspiring and fun, their focus is on making stuff, whether it be art, crafts, home décor, baked creations, knit items, or a mix of everything. While I love to look at these blogs, I don’t really have an interest in doing the crafts, which put me back at the beginning, asking this question:

How can we be creative if we don’t necessarily want to create something?

I’d say that I live a creative lifestyle, but not because I make anything. Yes, I consider myself an artist and writer, but I don’t do these things all the time. In the past, there have been great stretches where I didn’t pursue either one, but I didn’t consider myself out of the creativity club. In pursuing the above question and writing this post, I realized that creativity is largely about the way I live, from the products I buy to accessories I wear to the experiences I seek out. These things are a reflection of who I am…they tell a story about me as a person, even if I’m not making anything.

Slowly, I began to answer the question. If you want to live a more creative lifestyle, you don’t have to take an art class, but you can surround yourself with artsy things. For example, you might:

  • Buy a piece of art for your living space
  • Pick up some flowers from a market, nearby park, or a friend’s garden
  • Wear that vintage piece of jewelry you usually only save for special occasions
  • Visit a museum or art gallery…or, if art isn’t your thing, try an outdoor music festival
  • Collect magazines and start a scrapbook of images that speak to you
  • Or, if you’re more digitally inclined, start a Pinterest page
  • Display the book you’re reading with pride—covers are art!
  • Instead of taking notes on your phone, get yourself a fun notebook and pens for your to-do list
  • Collect beach stones or river rocks or sea shells
  • Make your mail pretty…if you have to buy stamps, why not choose something beautiful?
  • Wander through an indie bookstore or your local library
  • Follow social media accounts with amazing images—Instagram is a photography haven
  • Look at blogs that focus on something you admire, such as calligraphy or interior design
  • Buy unique gifts for your special people, either from a local artist or an Etsy shop
  • Visit a craft show or local artisan market
  • Download some pretty desktop/tablet wallpaper—you’d be amazed at what’s free
  • Order a custom phone case that displays your favorite image or quote
  • Find a video tutorial to wear your hair in a different style


These are just a few ways to live creatively, and there are so many more if you look for opportunities within your day to day life. If you aren’t a maker, don’t count yourself out—creativity is for everyone.

Welcome to the club. We’ve been waiting for you!