Creative Person Job Description Must Wander @lannpalma

When we create, we employ a set of skills that might look like daydreaming to the casual observer, but all makers know that it’s sacred part of the artistic process. This very important “brain wandering” allows our ideas to form, grow, and evolve. Yet, in our increasingly busy lives, time for creative thinking is going extinct. So often, any free moment we might have is filled with social media and email and apps, which pushes us toward non-creative thoughts, such as self-judgment, our to-do list, or our lengthy list of personal problems.

The problem for creative people is this: When we constantly cram our brains and never give them the space to wander, we remove the opportunity for random thoughts that lead to our best ideas. And isn’t it wonderful mix of magic and mayhem when inspiration sparks? When our mind tugs on the thought until we find a knot…a problem we must solve creatively.

In her book, The Wander Society, author and illustrator Keri Smith says:

“To wander is to wake up as if from a deep sleep. All of your senses become active and alert again. You breathe deeper. You become curious again.”

If you find that you’ve lost your wandering time and want to reclaim it, the solution is so simple, you can start today.

In order to wander, you must do…nothing. When you have a moment in an elevator, during a work break, while waiting in line, do NOTHING.

Let your mind wander.

Take a deep breath and be curious.